Methods of gold mining technique is strongly influenced by the characteristics of the area of mineral deposit formation. Where aspects of the Gold Deposit is affecting the way management. For all the impact of mining activities will be undertaken to minimize environmental damage resulting from mining activities. Prior to Mining Operations in a prospect area we must first know the conditions of the geographical structual soil conditions and Ganesa a deposition. Where will the mining will be done by way of open cut mining (open pit) or with the underground mine and all that can be seen from the element of gold deposits. For primary gold deposits can be mined by open mining (open pit) and underground mining. While the secondary gold deposits are generally mined by open pit.
      From the nature of major mineral deposit types, one of the mining activities in general in conducting the miners using underground mining system that mainly uses the method gophering to find gold ore veins or with an open system because the Veins Of Gold ore in the rock types that have the potential to spread evenly in the sample.
  Eluvial gold can be found in the low hills, rises and flat-lying areas adjacent to the location above. This is often covered with quartz and iron ore debris. Eluvial deposits are concentrated in the gradient changes, such as the bottom of the hill.supergene deposits found on low hills or flat-lying areas which have developed laterite profile above bedrock. Supergene gold occurrence is difficult to predict because it is controlled by a complex combination of processes.
For gold deposit known as secondary or alluvial gold deposits of gold, the the which is precipitated along with sediment material from the primary sediment carried by river currents or ocean waves is a common characteristic and the mine is very simple mined by the people, by gold from ore enrichment of sand carried by river currents or ocean waves.
Mapping is one important activity in ore exploration activities. The meaning of the exploration is anendeavor to seek and find a local prospect that there are resources at a location indicated by theresource. Basically, this mapping activities include the activities of regional mapping and mapping detail where its existence is very influential on the continuity of the implementation of these exploration activities. The equipment used also varied and generally also involve some field engineers who are very influential, especially geologists once in analyzing the geological structure of the area. Where we should obtain data directly from the location where we do the mapping of a region, review, measurement,
Equipment used to find the existence of gold ores are highly variable, including metal detectors, dryblowers and hydraulic concentrators of various shapes and sizes. While metal detectors remain the most popular tools, knowledge of other useful tools, especially if the prospector wants to expand its activities.

Other equipment to support the geological analysis of the region that has a simple mineral potential we also need to bring equipment such as compass, magnifying lens, the sample bottle, safety glasses, hammer, tool panning for gold. A hand auger can be used to dig holes. Safety glasses are used to protect the eyes when sampling or splitting rocks. A compass is needed to determine the direction. Magnifying lens is very useful to check the fine gold and minerals. bottles and bags can be used to store the refined gold and samples. They must be labeled and the list is written so that the location that will not be forgotten. A pot of gold is used to separate gold from the concentrate. A pencil magnet is used to test the magnetic minerals.

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