Creating A Simple Mapping of Land Gold

In any mining operation  or an exploration of mineral ore, it is very important to do a draft mapping activities  in the surrounding area will  be an exploration.where the mapping is very important in order to reduce risk and support the exploration  plan.

Because, basically, mapping activities affect the continuity of exploration. With this mapping, we can see the beginning of  the geological conditions of the working area and can see the potential resource deposits of the mineral deposits in areas that will be held exploration activities.

This mapping is usually done at the beginning of  the exploration  activities. The first step is usually done in a mapping can be done by doing an analysis through a photo presentation  by air or by using a satellite, where the presence of  the review  through the  air we can see the geographic structure and local conditions and our land that will be held survey field.
Once  we know the initial description  in detail the condition of  the area  and map the locations which we will  survey  the next step we can do a review directly into the area we have mapped through aerial photographs. At this stage of the survey carried out directly  on the  areas  that we think have potential for  economic  mineral deposits. 

In making the gold  potential map analysis  of several factors required the presence of a  mineral content of gold in an area such as the existence of hydrothermal water content  which  is a minerals gold forming process, sulfide minerals in the rocks, igneous rocks  in the  zone, and some cracks are present in the region.

In addition, outcrops of rock outcrops that need to also note is the change or boundary stones, the orientation of sedimentary rock layers, the orientation of  faults  and other signs. An important point  should be  plotted  on a map base with the aid of  equipment  such as  geological  compass, inclinometer, altimeter, and natural signs  such as  the hills, valleys, river bends basin.

       Then  conduct  a geological investigation  in the field. The main goal  of this review  is to identify  potential  areas  of mineralization or deposits estimated to contain a regional scale, mainly based on the  results of  regional geological studies and analysis of remote sensing for further investigation.

Geological mapping can be done by making a few test trenches or wells. For us to directly observe and analyze some of the changes and  structure  on the existing rock outcrop in the area. For more details we also have to take rock samples available to  us on the laboratory analysis of mineral content  of ores and  rocks  that we choose.

      If you want only small-scale mapping of the data location of these gold forming factors can also be simplified by selecting a location that has a gold-forming factors are dominant only, suppose that X location of a given area has many low sulphide mineral content while in a Y area adjacent to the area X has a high sulfide content of the mapped area X did not participate but for a more detailed scale mapping of X must participate mapped area.

       From all this activity will be generated geological model, deployment model sediment, description of mineral ore reserves, initial levels, etc.. And of all the objectives that can be used to establish whether the survey area in question offers hope good (prospects) or not. If the area has good prospects, it can be forwarded to the next exploration phase.

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