Retort Mercury Gold

    Mercury gold retort is a process of separation between the metals gold and mercury from the amalgamation. The process of gold from the mercury amalgamation will leave mineral deposits of mercury in the gold is caught, then it needs to be done from a mercury retort process before the melting process. Perhaps the small-scale gold miners in traditional or not many people know how this separation process, and many of them are direct results of the smelting process amalgamation, but the way they are doing is very dangerous and endanger the safety of their lives as if the melting process carried out simultaneously, the gas fumes from the mercury vapor will be inhaled and enter the body.
       To remove all dissolved metals or incorporated by mercury, then you have to retort or a filter. Before the gold mineral smelting process, verify if the content of mercury in minerals that blend with the mercury is lost, and to filter takes a retort. To get around that mercury contained in a gold metal was bound to disappear, then you can get around by following the simple retort.


Stainless still pipe, the pipe is used as a retort, which results from almagamasi will be filtered in the pipeline, so that mercury will come out and will produce gold minerals. Stainless pipe still in the design of forms like the letter L, and at the top, given the cover of iron, which can be opened and closed as well as places for the result of the amalgamation

A stainless basin still, the basin is used as a place for the mercury retort or filtering

A burning tool.


Put water into a basin, to the height of the water until the hole in the pipe at the bottom of the stainless still covered by water, so that the vapor of mercury will not come out.

Enter the result of the amalgamation of gold metal that is bound to the mercury into the stainless pipe still, and then cover tightly with a metal cover to the meeting, so that no air to exit

Before you make the combustion process in stainless still, always wear masks as a safety device. Place the pipe in oblique position, then the fuel pipe with a stainless still steadily burner, stainless still burning in the position on the amalgamation is placed in the pipe, for burning for about 10 minutes or 15 minutes, until the mercury drops down the water.

 Once mercury has entered into any water, then allowed to cool down the pipe

Then the results of the retort in the pipeline may be taken for the melting process and the mercury was already able to be reused.


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