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Flotation Cell For Mineral Separation ( Video )

In the mining industry the flotation cell used to separate the valuable mineral ore from mineral impurities, and based on differences from surface properties of the minerals substance to be separated in the flotation cell equipment, where in hydrophilic substances remain in the water phase, whereas the hydrophobic substance will be tied to the air bubbles and will be brought to the surface the solution and form a froth, so that it can be separated from the liquid. In a simple flotation equipment used for the separation of one or more mineral, with other minerals by flotation or commonly referred to as flotation technique, flotation machine is a useful basic equipment for mineral ore separation process from non-ferrous ores and other minerals.

Flotation cells for the separation of mineral ores in the wake of the shape of the tank cylinder with a flat base section. At the top of the flotation machine, at the top of the cell contains a product that separates the players from the bubble froth flotation. At the top of the flotation machine, at the top of the cell contains a neck bone products which separating bubble froth from the flotation. In his process when the volume of production froth flotation material was abundant, then this section will sweep froth into place valuable ore minerals. Part of the flotation cell and its components having contact with pulp, so this section is protected against corrosion epoxy thick and an acrylic layer. To ensure the flotation machine it has a long service life, then part of the side surface is covered with a layer of polymer or ceramic.

At the aerator in the flotation machine has a duty as mixing slurry on the entire volume of the cell, deployment of air supplied to the engine at the time of the flotation process, and when the cycles in slurry of the intensity and the appropriate configuration. Part of the aerator in the flotation machine has parts such as rotor, stator and also part of the stator base. In the rotor mounted on the flance at the bottom of the hollow shaft by bolts. Components on the aerator is also protected to withstand corrosion, to be more durable at the working period of usage.

Contact flotation cells for the separation of minerals in the gold mining industry as well as mineral processing industry consists of two main kompoten.

Contactor flotation: contactor on flotation equipment is the room where the feed material in the form of porridge and air flotation is brought together under pressure. For the pressure maintained by the restrictions which are located at the downstream end of the contactor.

Discharge from the contactor flows into the bottom of the flotation cell separation, where aggregates of particles of mineral ore and bubbles were forming froth will be removed as overflow from the bubble. Then the ore particles expelled through underflow channel in the flotation circuit.

Below is a workings video of the flotation cell for the separation of precious metals mineral in the mining industry (by David Michaud)

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