Gold mining In Botswana Africa

Botswana, with its Study government, Large airport, excellent roads, and strong economic environment is place mining an excellent . And there are Nice gold deposits in the country, which have led to the establishment of several Large mines.

Most of the mining industry in the region are near the area Botswana Francistown, the second largest city in Botswana. Francistown, which is located in eastern Botswana, is located near the border with Zimbabwe, Zambia and other countries in the central part of Africa.

The Francis-Kazungula road connecting Francistown with the rest of the country and its neighbors into a major business hub for the region

Botswana, AEOS mining history

The history of mining in Botswana started around 1100. It was an exposed gold mineralization site that until 1889 to 1400. It was not, Äôt was mined that this site was discovered by DeMaffy and he is a  mining engineer which derive from Swiss

Named the Monarch Mine, and then by the Tati Concessions Company (TCC) develop mining Monarch and company do the mining exploration. In 1897 a Large wave on the fourth level was built. Together with a new railroad that Mafikeng-Bulawayo Railway, the rehabilitation and mining activity in the Monarch Mine vastly escalated . However, the price of gold in 1902 mining declined in the year to make an unprofitable business. (Currently, the Monarch Mine will not Perform.)

And mining companies exchanging hands and changed ownership several times, then the mining profitable again in 1923, when it consisted of a Francis Gold Mining Company (VGM).

Acquired in 1965, minerals from Nearly 80% of the country, AEOS exports. These included not only gold, but diamonds, salt, copper, sodium, uranium and nickel. In the early 1990 AEOS the mineral industry began, the national economy dominate.

Current mining activity in Botswana

Galene gold mining is currently the constitude one of the gold mining company located at 30 kilometers from Francistown.. The company began production in 2005, a total of 18 tons of gold produced from September 2014 expansion of gold production for the next three years is expected to yield 1 ton.

Mupane Gold Mining, which is a subsidiary of Galene Gold, and operates the Mupane gold mine, which is also 30 kilometers from Francistown. Another company, Gallery Gold, explored other locations near the Mupane options. These included the Jim, AEOS Luck Project, The Golden Eagle, and the map Nora perspectives.

Three types of mineral rights can for businesses, which are secured in gold mining in Botswana. They are as follows in this below :

1 Reconnaissance Permit

This permit allows interested parties on deposits to search Large areas of Botswana. There is no charge with this approval associated.

2. Prospecting License

Companies can save a lot more prospecting licenses, as desired by the company in the mining industry. Thisd renewable license is good for three years. It is very possible to conduct exploration activities in mineral resources in an area of approximately 1,000 kilometers.. If a mineral reserve is discovered, then the company needs the Botswana government contact within thirty days. The next step for a mining license would apply.

3. Mining Lease

given a mining lease to a company, allowing it to go to mining. This lease is Nice for 25 years, although it can be extended only once.

Mining Investment in Botswana

Mining in Botswana is the Mining and Mineral Act controlled by. This Act regulates the granting of exploration and mining permits and licenses. The government has also adopted this law, to ensure that environmental controls in place. In addition, this legislation has been allowing local authorities to be a cooperation partner in carry out mining project and gives him the to representatives

Mining of gold and other mineral resources have a very positive impact on people and progress in the economic sector in Botswana. Twenty percent of people working in the mining industry comes from outside the region, and fifty percent worker came from of the Botswana country, AEOS control comes from him also. The mining industry is not only a favorable industry for Botswana, but it is favorable for mining companies

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