Poisoned By Gold Rush In Colombia

Traditional mining in Colombia
Poisoned by GOLD RUSH It is to Remedios, a traditional mining town in the region of Antioquia, a rich gold country in northern Colombia.

Mining has always been one of the main activities of the region, but in recent years the sector is booming.

A recent increase in the value of gold and the government's fight against coca cultivation led to unprecedented demand for the precious ore.

Today, gold is quickly becoming the new cocaine in Colombia. The explosion flooded the country of cash, sex, alcohol and debauchery.

But the exposure of children to mercury cheap technology to extract gold, had a negative impact.

In particular, many children find them selves powerless today. There is a problem of impotence in the region? It is a problem. It is usually attributed to mercury pollution in the region.

To meet the growing demand for gold, the number of underground mines exploded. Today, mercury pollution has become a serious problem in this region of Colombia. The mines destroy the jungle, dry rivers, and discharge of harmful pollutants in nature.

Today, about 80 percent of the gold mined in Colombia comes from these mines some of which help finance the guerrillas, and criminal or paramilitary groups.

It is a disputed territory for many years, and armed rebel groups trying to control the territory, because, of course, the wealth of natural. Illegal mining operations bring in about $ 2.

Traditional mining in Colombia
Gold grain for traditional mining in Colombia
5 billion a year, and are now more profitable than cocaine trade for Colombian armed groups, managing or impose farms.

Per kilo, the value of gold is greater than that of cocaine, and as it is a legal product, it is easier to sell. This is why young people like Didier Perea flock to the mines in the hope of making a fortune. 

Recently it became a business because there are mines where you start working and the salary minimum is very good.

Addict ? Yes, because sometimes we find gold, you take a barrel, washed and wins up to 5 million Colombian pesos (1,485 euros) for this piece, so inevitably it motivates us, and It gradually becomes addicted.

In this type of small-scale operations, Minors use mercury to separate gold from other materials. They are in constant contact with such a toxic material that even low levels of exposure can damage the nervous system.

Chronic mercury poisoning can cause organ failure and even death. For over 100 years this method is banned in the United States. 

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