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Blasting In The Mining Process

Blasting activities at the mine is one of the activities that are deemed to have a high enough risk. But that does not mean those activities can not be controlled. Process control these activities can be started from the process of mixing explosives ingredients, the process of filling the holes with explosives into explosive, stringing process and firing process. 

In this case an important role is to control the firing process. in a blasting operation was preceded by drilling in the mining that aims to make the hole shot. Bullet hole itself will be filled by the explosive advance in the content of the material or sand, called the Sub-drilling blasting is not intended to make results happen toes or bumps on the floor of the mine that resulted in heavy equipment difficult to move when loading and transportation of blasting

After condition by a series of explosives such as TNT or ANFO is equipped with nonel, we then filled covering material called stemming function withstand pressure up to the energy produced by the explosive spread of direction and control every aspect of destroying rock beside him.
Thing to consider in the process of blasting the rock properties are important:
  • Violence: Prisoners of a smooth surface to abrasion. 
  • Violence is used to measure the technical properties of the rock material.
  • Abrasiveness: Parameters that affect the wear (age) drill bit. Abrasiveness depending on the composition of rocks. Wear and tear on the drill bit is proportional to the composition of these rocks. The content of quartz in rocks is usually considered as a reliable guide to measure the wear of the drill bit (drill bit).
  • Texture: grain structure of the rocks and can be classified based on the properties of porosity, density and grain size looseness. Texture also affects the speed of drilling.
  • Structure: fractures, faults, schistosity and bedding areas of rock types, dip, strike.
  • Breaking characteristic: describe the nature of the rock when hit with a hammer. Each rock type has a specific nature and degree of damage associated with the texture, mineral composition and structure
In a rock blasting operation will achieve optimum results when the equipment and the equipment used in accordance with the method of blasting is applied. And both of these can be divided into

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