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Flotation Cell For Mineral Separation ( Video )


In the mining industry the flotation cell used to separate the valuable mineral ore from mineral impurities, and based on differences from surface properties of the minerals substance to be separated in the flotation cell equipment, where in hydrophilic substances remain in the water phase, whereas the hydrophobic substance will be tied to the air bubbles and will be brought to the surface the solution and form a froth, so that it can be separated from the liquid. In a simple flotation equipment used for the separation of one or more mineral, with other minerals by flotation or commonly referred to as flotation technique, flotation machine is a useful basic equipment for mineral ore separation process from non-ferrous ores and other minerals.

Froth Flotation Process Of Copper Ore Video

Froth Flotation Process Of Copper Ore

Copper came from most of the continents in the world. As in all mining operations, the ore must usually be beneficiated (concentrated). To get the copper content of the ore, then need a copper extraction process which consists of a series of chemical processes, physical, and a process by means of electrochemical. The extraction process can be done by froth flotation process of copper ore, because it is considered a very practical way in the copper mining industry

Froth flotation process is considered the most widely used method for ore beneficiation. In copper ore flotation is a precious mineral separation process from of ingredients worthless or other valuable minerals by a induce process the mineral ore, so that ore minerals can accumulate and be on the surface of the foam.

Video of the copper flotation process in this below is a separation process   the copper minerals at the mill using froth flotation.

Reagent Flotation

Flotation reagent is the most important thing in a flotation process, in which this reagent is needed for removal of mineral concentrates that will be done. Basically the flotation process depends completely on the adhesion properties of certain minerals to air (hydrophobic), and to water (hydrophilic), and therefore the addition of chemical substances in the form of reagent.

Any one of various chemical substances that govern and regulate most flotation processes. The introduction of flotation reagents into the liquid phase of the pulp and subsequent adsorption along the liquid-gas and solid-liquid interfaces create conditions for the selective flotation of specific mineral particles. There are three principal types of flotation reagents: collectors, regulating agents, and frothing agents.

Xanth (ogen ) ates Sulfide Flotation
Dithiophosphates Sulfide Flotation   
Carboxylates ( Fatty acids ) Carbonate / Oxide / Sulfide Flotation
Dithiophosphates Sulfide Flotation   
Alkyl ammonium salts Silicate / Oxide Flotation

Aliphatic alcohol ( Methyl isobutyl carbinol ) Frother
Cyclic alcohol ( Pine oil, Eucalyptus oil ) Frother, Collector
Aromatic alcohol (Cresols, Xylenol ) Frother

Flotation Process Of Gold

     The process of mineral flotation concentrates on mining gold is a separation process used to produce a gold concentrate - copper. And the flotation process in mining consists of several steps performed to produce a gold concentrate - copper. Equipment used in the flotation process by using a stirred tank, and where the string of the tank is given airflow, so the gold and copper mineral concentrates will rise and float to the surface of the floatation tanks. In the process of flotation is a process that depends on the adhesion properties of certain minerals to air (hydrophobic), and to water (hydrophilic). To assist in the flotation process by changing the surface properties of mineral particles need to be added to the chemicals in the form of Reagent Flotation

Some Stages Are Carried Out In The Flotation Process
The process of destruction of rocks minerals and grinding
        In this process of rock minerals that have been taken from the mine site and then destroyed by the machine to obtain a fine grain of sand to free metal-containing granules for further processing. In the destruction of mineral rocks of machine tools can use a stone crusher machine, so the minimum size of rock minerals can reach between 28 mesh


      Flotation derived from the word meaning float. Flotation can be interpreted as a separation of a substance from other substances in a liquid or a solution based on differences in surface properties of the substance to be separated, where the substances that remain hydrophilic aqueous phase while hydrophobic substances that are air bubbles will be bound by and will be brought to the surface solution and form bubbles which can then be separated from the liquid, where flotation process of gold aims to separate and produce a metal concentrate.

This flotation process produces metals from ore concentrates at the mine by separating valuable minerals from impurities that cover it. This flotation process is said to have been discovered by a miner who see the process of washing machine that is used as a means of washing the dirty work clothes, and the washers that generate bubbles in the foam.William Haynes in 1869 patented a process for separating sulfide and gangue minerals using oil and called it bulk-oil flotation. Flotation process was first commercialized in 1896 in copper mining in Llanelltyd Glasdir near Dolgellau in North Wales with sulphide mineral flotation processes conducted by Frank Elmore and his brother Stanley, and he is the developer of the copper mines.

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