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Video How To Test Silver


Silver is the first metal which was first smelted from ore. It comes from ancient Egyptian empire used and has been forged in household utensils, jewelry, etc. Pure silver is smooth as gold, copper usually alloyed to straighten his strength and can be used for making the production equipment and other items.

Without addition of alloying because of its softness, it would melt. Fine silver is pure Nearly 999/1000 percent, but it is too smooth to make jewelry, out of it a metal added in silver. But something called silver or sterling silver (which in it 92.5 percent pure silver and has 7.5 percent metal ) is pure silver.

Silver is a versatile chemical element. Sterling silver is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metals, especially copper. It is harder than pure silver. Pure silver is smooth and often referred to as “fine silver.” Products can often be mistaken as silver when silver (only covered with a thin layer of fine silver). 

But how do you know you really have silver at home? Unless you are an silver holder, who knows quality is silver, and how pure the silver, you buy. You can not have the first clue how to test for silver purity at house. This article will Aid explain the purity of silver and how to confirm that not only is another gray metal.

The most obvious way to know pure silver, and the extent to which it is pure, is to check on your silver jewelry and silverware

Tips to determine purity of silver Or How to test silver

1. Test with a magnet , In the specially using a strong magnet, such as the magnet made of neodymium. Silver is paramagnetic and shows only a weak magnetic effect. If magnet very strong sticking on metal, it has a ferromagnetic core and is not silver. 

Note that there are a few other metals which a magnet will not stick and can be made to look visible as a silver. It is better to carry out the magnetic test in conjunction with another test to ensure that the core is not another metal.

2. Try the ring-test with each coin. Silver makes a really lovely bell like ringing when someone knocked on, especially if they are knocked with a different kind of metal. If you want to try this, you have to find metals silver quarter which made before 1965 in United States, it is made of silver 90% silver US. 

Were during quarters later than 1964 are made of a copper-nickel alloy. The elder quarter will give a whistle, clear ringtone, while the newer district give a thud of a sound. 

3. Perform a chemical analysis test to the point item. Use chemical analysis if no stamps indicating that the silver metal. Use gloves within silver test with chemicals, because if exposed to a corrosive acid solution, it will burn your skin

Note that this method has the potential to damaging silver element.

Buy a silver test. Silver acid tests for pure silver, but if you think your piece is silver, you will use a Little jeweler file to make a mark, revealing what might be under the plating.

Find. An inconspicuous place on the article in question and make a Little scratch on the silver piece. This is necessary in order to test the underlying metal silver it with acid. Scratch the piece a metal file. Scratch off enough so you can get to the surface of any plating layer.

If you do not want your piece scratch, or potentially leave a mark from the acid, you can use a black stone slab. These are generally made with a silver testing kit available. Rub your silver on the surface of the black stone, so that it leaves a thick and relatively Large deposit on the stone. Goal for a line that one thick one-half inch.

Apply a drop of acid to the scratched surface only. When the acid touches any portion of the piece that is not scratched, it will affect the polished look of the piece. If you want to use a black stone, a drop of acid will add to the line that you created on your stone. 

5. Analyze. The analyze  surface on part scratched with the acid. You have to analyze the color, the acid appears as decreases in the piece.
Be sure to follow the instructions and color of your specific silver test. In common, the color scale is as follows:

Bright Red: Fine Silver
Darker Red: 925 Silver
Brown : 800 Silver
Green : 500 Silver
Yellow: Lead or Tin
Dark brown: Brass
Blue: Nickel

This video constitute How to test silver


Alamo Dorado mine

Alamo Dorado mine in the Sierra Madre Mexico

Alamo Dorado mine is mining production for gold and silver, this mining method with open pit mine. Alamo Dorado mine in the Sierra Madre mountain range in Sonora, approximately 40 kilometers southeast of the town of Alamos, in the Sierra Madre Occidental and approximately 320 km from the state capital of Hermosillo in the Mexican state. 

Alamo Dorado mine is owned by Pan American Silver Corp and acquired  Alamo Dorado project in February 2003, and upon completion of the acquisition of Minera Corner Bay. On April 1, 2007 the Alamo Dorado mine began commercial production, after the construction of the mine and the mine has since become the company’s largest silver- producing mine.



Metallic silver is formed and used in conjunction with gold, with white color. this metal has the elements a little harder than gold and is very soft and supple, defeated only by gold and perhaps palladium. Pure silver has a thermal conductivity or heat and electricity are very high among all metals and has a very small contact resistance. This element is very stable in pure air and water, but immediately tarnished when exposed to ozone, hydrogen sulfide or air containing sulfur. benefits resulting from too many silver metal, besides used as accessory equipment and furnishings. Silver is also an important element of the compound in photography, because of their unique optical and about 30% of industrial consumption of silver is used for this field. Silver alloys are also used as a substitute for the artificial tooth, or a mixture of electronic materials

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