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Test Pit With Trenching System In Mining

        Method of test pit excavation by trenching is one way of observing outcrop or in the search for sources of ore deposit which will be held an ore mineral exploration activities and its purpose was similar to the test pit is to get part of the vein zone is oxidized in order to obtain samples of rocks in soil characteristics, but the difference is merely a way dig dug extends in the earth's surface with trapezoidal cross-sectional shape or trenching.

Basically this pit test method has the sole purpose similar to the investigations that use the test wells. Similarly excavation way it uses the system, but the difference is in terms of its form, a test trench dug in the earth's surface extending to the shape of trapezoidal cross-section and often have a depth to 2-3 m, while the length depends on the width or thickness outcrops of mineral deposits that are sought and the amount (volume) of rock samples to be obtained. Unlike the test pit with test wells, when the number of test trenches and made ​​a lot of area easily accessible by mechanical equipment, the excavation of test trenches can be done with a dragline or hydraulic excavator (back hoe). To find the ore veins are hidden under the cover material should be dug a test trench two or more mutually perpendicular directions so that the possibility to find ore veins were bigger. If by chance the two test trenches could find ore veins outcrop, then the direction can be readily determined. Furthermore, to determine the shape and size of the ore veins are more appropriately made ​​test trenches that are parallel and perpendicular to the vein ore moves

Creating a test pit excavations conducted by the following general conditions:

Test Pit Gold Mining

The test pit is a string of activities undertaken to observe the source of mineral ore deposits in the depths of the ground and to get the vein zone is oxidized in order to obtain rock samples from the soil characteristicsThe purpose of the test pit gold mine drilling was to evaluate the value of gold content in the gravel surface and to search for the incidence of older gravel beneath glacial sedimentary units. 

In a series of test pit gold mining activities to collect the test sample contained in the soil prior to exploration activities in areas that have analyzed the existence of economic mineral content of the ore, it is necessary to perform excavation activities at some point to get evidence of rock specimens which can then be analyzed in the laboratory

Intake of rocks in the soil was aimed to obtain specific results of the analysis of economic ore mineral content in order to support the holding of an activity will step exploration. Investigations of rocks in the soil is done by digging a hole at a certain point in the detection of the existence of metallic elements and is usually done by digging test wells (test pit) or test trench excavation method (Trench).


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